Shakwak Highway Restoration

Shakwak Highway Restoration

Location: Various locations from km 1790.5 to 1832.2 on the Alaska Highway, between White River and Beaver Creek YT.

Owner: Yukon Government, Department of Highways and Public Works

Description: Funded by the federal government of the United States, Shakwak Highway Projects are tendered through the Yukon Government. Cobalt provided all traffic control, project management, earthworks and camp services throughout the project. Cobalt’s scope of work included:

  • 325,000m3 roadway resurfacing
  • 105,000m3 bulk excavations
  • 64,300m3 Granular A
  • 15,582m3 Granular C
  • Stripping and clearing of borrow sources
  • 2000m interceptor and offtake ditches

Contract Value: $3,650,000.00