Our large, 10 bay shop and rebuild facility sits on a 20 acre lot adjacent to the Alaska Highway. Our fleet of over 100 pieces of heavy equipment includes excavators, rock trucks, dozers, graders, loaders, packers and cranes. In addition, Cobalt has a fleet of highway tractors with various gravel, step deck, trombone and heavy haul trailers, and all the support equipment and personnel required to operate and maintain them.

Cobalt’s large fleet of heavy equipment and highly qualified mechanical staff ensure that we can provide equipment in excellent mechanical shape, as well as having the necessary back-up equipment as required. Our employees are experienced working in remote northern locations, and are extremely qualified northern operators. Our key employee base is between 60% to 70% First Nation workers; we are proud to employ local workers wherever our projects are, and provide on-the-job training for those workers interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in northern road construction and earth moving.