Sä Dena Hes Tailings Management Facility Decommissioning

Sä Dena Hes Tailings Management Facility Decommissioning

Location: 70km North East of Watson Lake, YT.

Owner: Teck Resources (Engineered by AMEC Environment and Infrastructure)

Description: Cobalt Construction was awarded the major earthworks contract to decommission the Sä Dena Hes Mine Tailings Ponds. The tailings ponds had to be mechanically drained within a very strict discharge standard in order to remain within the constraints of the Water License. Once the ponds were drained, over 250,000m3 of till was removed. Rip-rap was drilled and blasted from a site 9km away, hauled to site and placed in over 3000m of newly constructed drainage ditches. This project was completed on time and under budget.

  • 250,000m3 deconstruct tailings dams
  • 10,000m3 rip rap production
  • 235,000m2 till placement over tailings
  • 3000m of drainage ditches

Contract Value: $3,532,135.14