Muncho Lake Alaska Highway Realignment

Muncho Lake Alaska Highway Realignment

Location: Muncho Lake Provincial Park, Northern BC

Project Owner: PWGSC


  • 777,000m3 Embankment material for construction new alignment
  • 105,000m3 Stripping topsoil material and organic material to stockpile and reuse as topsoil
  • 20,000m3 Slope armouring material cut on slopes
  • 60Ha Clearing of trees, bruch and other vegetation
  • 2,000m Construction and riprap lining of drainage swales
  • 800m Installation of drainage culverts (600mm to 1800mm) through multiple drainage channels
  • Design-build 2.8m diameter drainage structure and 1450m2 MSE retaining wall for Ed’s Creek
  • 160,650m2 Topsoil placement on completed slopes
  • 40Ha Hydroseeding of slopes

Contract Value: $18 Million