Cobalt Construction Inc.


Cobalt Construction Inc. is based in Whitehorse, Yukon. We specialize in large earth moving projects in both the road construction and mining sectors. Whether it is new mine construction, contract mining or mine decommissioning, Cobalt has the equipment personnel and experience to take on any project. We understand the challenges of working in the north and at remote sites. It is what we do every day and have been doing for successfully for the past 35 years.


Our large, 10 bay shop and rebuild facility sits on a 20 acre lot adjacent to the Alaska Highway. Our fleet of over 100 pieces of heavy equipment includes excavators, rock trucks, dozers, graders, loaders, packers and cranes. In addition, Cobalt has a fleet of highway tractors with various gravel, step deck, trombone and heavy haul trailers, and all the support equipment and personnel required to operate and maintain them.

Cobalt’s large fleet of heavy equipment and highly qualified mechanical staff ensure that we can provide equipment in excellent mechanical shape, as well as having the necessary back-up equipment as required. Our employees are experienced working in remote northern locations, and are extremely qualified northern operators. Our key employee base is between 60% to 70% First Nation workers; we are proud to employ local workers wherever our projects are, and provide on-the-job training for those workers interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in northern road construction and earth moving.

Key Players

Our experienced management team brings various strengths to the company. With decades of experience between them, President Shaun Rudolph and his father Jon Rudolph, VP Operations, bring Cobalt the work experience to be safe, productive, and complete our projects on time and on budget. Cobalt and its predecessor company, Golden Hill Ventures, have over 35 years’ experience working in the north. Our contract experience includes building most of the major highway projects in northern Canada; as well as working on major mines in Northern BC and the Yukon. These included Cominco’s Snip Mine on the Iskut River and Northgate’s Kemess Mine in Northern BC. In addition, we built the tailings dams and performed site works at the Sa Dena Hes Mine in the 1990’s and later in 2014 completed the tailings dam reclamation and site decommissioning for Teck Resources for the same site. Cobalt has completed work for North American Tungsten on their tailings dams and we also designed and built the access road to the Ketza River Mine.

Shaun Rudolph, President
Shaun has been working in northern road construction and mining since 1997. Prior to starting Cobalt Construction in 2010, Shaun was Mine Manager at Ross Mining, which was Yukon’s largest placer gold operation at the time; he worked as a Superintendent for Golden Hill Ventures (GHV) at the Ruby Creek mining project, as well as Foreman and Operator at prior highway construction contracts for GHV. He has completed the Core Competencies for First Line Supervisors and has safety training from Northern Safety Network Yukon, including Leadership for Safety Excellence. In addition to his construction experience in the north, Shaun has accomplished a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Alberta, specializing in business law.

Jon Rudolph, VP Operations
Jon has been operating road construction and mining companies in the north since 1975, and has been a member of the Yukon Chamber of Mines and Chamber of Commerce since then. He is a founding Board Member of the Yukon Hospital Foundation; a founding Board Member of Anvil Range Mining Corporation; and a longtime supporter of northern business. Prior to his work as VP Operations at Cobalt Construction, Jon was the owner of Golden Hill Ventures (GHV), one of Yukon’s largest private sector employers throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. Jon was also instrumental in initiating EPCOM Resources Inc., a joint venture between four Yukon First Nations and GHV, in an effort to include local First Nations in the tendering, bidding, and work process for major roadwork contracts.

Core Values

Commitment to Working Safely
Cobalt Construction is a COR certified company, and as such, we have a detailed safety management system and manual that have been developed to protect the health and safety of all workers employed by Cobalt, and those working near or travelling through our operations. The specific approach for safety at each project is developed at the start of work and revised as the work zone changes. All applicable legislated regulations and requirements are met; including permitting, hazard identification, hazard mitigation, and appropriate emergency response procedures.

Environmental Commitment
Many of Cobalt’s contracts are conducted in highly sensitive environmental areas, including work in and around fish bearing streams, as well as multiple major projects through Park areas. Our projects include working in permafrost and our experience with installation of drainage structures ranges from installing small culverts to massive multi-plate installations and bridges. We are committed to compliance with the regulatory and contractual requirements of our projects as they pertain to the environment, continual improvement of environmental procedures and utilizing best practices to achieve the broader goal of protection of the environment.

First Nations Involvement
Cobalt has a long history of working successfully with the First Nations on all our projects, and many of our key employees are First Nation citizens. We believe there are real benefits to working together on major projects going forward. We strive to employ locally and provide training to persons interested and committed to learning. We believe the benefits of working together are high for both parties. Cobalt is committed to work with First Nations and share in future projects.